How to Measure

Whether it is hiring or buying, the measurement guide below will take you through each step involved.  For the best result we reccommend that a partner or friend measures you.  Simply follow the guide below for measurement and select sizes on our online booking form.  You can also book in store.

1. Measuring Your Waist

Every measurement you take for your outfit is important but

this one is crucial. When taking this measurement please ignore jean size as this is irrelevant.

Measure securely around the waist in line with the naval. Ensure the gent is not breathing out or holding in stomach. Just be natural.

2. Measuring Kilt Length

Please do not measure this on yourself as it will likely be inaccurate.

Measure from the hip in line with the naval down to the top of the knee where the kilt will sit. Ensure the gent is standing up straight.

3. Measuring Your Seat

Measure around the hips at the widest point. More commonly referred to as the gent’s ‘bottom’. This is what gives the kilt its ‘swing’.

 Ensure the gent is standing up straight with his feet together and that his pockets have been emptied.

4. Measuring Your Chest

Measure around the chest under arm pits with the gent’s arms by his side.

As a rough guide this will usually be 6-10 inches bigger than your waist measurement.

For the more generous gentleman please consider that the gent will have to fasten a waistcoat.

5. Measuring Your Sleeve Length

Measure from the crown of the shoulder to the cuff on the outside of the arm. This should be measured to where the jacket sleeve will end on the gent.

Ensure the gent is standing up straight with arms hanging by their side.

6. Measuring Collar, Height and Shoe Size

For the collar, measure around the neck with two finger tips in between tape and neck to allow for movement.

When measuring your height, stand up straight against a wall and mark the top point of your head. Then move away and measure from bottom of wall to this point.

Finally, your shoe size. We will leave this one to you.