How to Wear

Wearing a kilt for the first time is exciting.


Follow the steps below to ensure that you are looking great in your outfit and equally as important, comfortable.

Shirt, Socks, Flashes, Sgian Dubh

  • Put on your shirt and socks, leaving the top button undone for comfort at this stage
  • Your flashes will be put on next with the sock pulled over the garter, allowing roughly 3 inches of flash to be showing at the side of each calf
  • Your Sgian Dubh will go in to your right sock above the flash facing outwards and will have 2-3 inches showing above the sock line
  • If you are left handed then you will put the Sgian Dubh in your left sock

Ghillie Brogues

  • Fasten the lace of your shoe in order to secure it in the way that you would a normal lace.  You then twist the laces 4 times into a firm pleat which will rise about 2-3 inches up your shin. 
  • Take the laces around the back of your shin and return them to the front before securing in a normal bow on your shin. You will have a V-effect when looking from the front of the laces and the lace will then hang down on your shin


  • Hold the kilt behind you with each hand ensuring that your pleats are at the back
  • Bring the right hand strap round to your front and push through the hole on the left and buckle up as tight as possible
  • Repeat this pulling the left hand strap attached to the front apron round and buckling up on the right side buckle
  • Your kilt should fit securely around your waist ensuring that the buckles are fastened securely. The top of kilt should be roughly in line with your belly button and sit just on top of the knee
  • Ensure that the buckles are sitting at the same point of the hips on either side. As a check you will see that your kilt has a middle line which will act as a line of symmetry. Locate this line and ensure that it is in the very middle of your body (ie in line with your naval).
  • There should be around 4 fingers distance between the bottom of your kilt and the top of your socks

Sporran & Belt

  • Loop the sporran into the belt holes at the back of the kilt and ensure that this is sitting about a third of the way down from the top of the kilt, sitting roughly 4-5 inches below the bottom of the waistcoat
  • If wearing a belt and buckle, loop through the belt holes also and over the sporran straps in order to keep tidy. Adjust if needed and secure in line with the kilts middle symmetry line
  • If you are wearing a waistcoat then there is no requirement to wear a belt and buckle, which would be hidden when the kilt is sitting correctly at the correct waist measurement. A Belt and Buckle primarily act as a decorative addition to a kilt outfit

Jacket & Tie

  • Button up the top buttons of your shirt and put on tie, bow tie or cravat
  • Now put on your jacket and waistcoat ensuring that cravat is tucked in the waistcoat.  Ideally you would also like to show half an inch of shirt cuff below the cuff of the jacket but this is an optional touch