Trousers & Trews

Tartan Trousers and Trews have long remained a classic alternative to the kilt as both a casual and formal option. All of our tartan trousers are made from 100% wool and can be fully customised using either a light or medium weight cloth to ensure a great shape and hold.

Made to Measure TARTAN Trousers

PURE Wool Custom – from £295




Our off the peg trousers are available in five alternative tartans – to shop our range click click here

GENTS Custom Made Tartan Trousers & Trews

from £295

For more information and to start your trousers order contact us here.

Trews Enquiry

Trouser Weights & Styles

For custom tartan trousers we would recommend either light or medium weight wool, subject to availability in the tartan of your choice. All of our trousers can be tailorer with a regular, high or fishtail waistband as preferred.

Light Weight – 11oz Wool

Lighter weight trousers will hold a firm pleat and are more suitable for warmer climates with added comfort when wearing. Our pure new wool trousers should be dry cleaned when and if needed.

Medium Weight – 13oz Wool

Medium weight trousers are made from heavier cloth so added warmth may be worth considering when you make your choice. All of our custom trousers are half lined to add aditional comfort and shape.


Our trousers can be customised and finished to your individual preferences be it straight waistband regular trousers, or high waisted tartan trews that you are looking for. 


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