Trousers & Trews

Tartan Trousers are becoming a big favourite for a wide range of our customers. Whether it is those not entirely comfortable in a kilt or those wanting something a bit different, the tartan trousers offer a great way of doing this.

All our tartan trousers are made from 100% wool. We will either use a light or medium weight cloth to ensure a great shape and hold to the trousers.

Gents Custom Made Tartan Trousers and Trews – 11-13oz

from £199

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Trews Enquiry

Made to Measure & Stock Trousers Prices

Stock Golf Trouser – £75
Poly/Viscose Custom – £150
Wool Custom – from £199

Please note we hold a large range of ‘off the peg’ trousers in 5 different tartans which are priced at £75.

Trouser Weights

There are three cloths that are mainly used for trousers. Light weight wool, medium weight wool and Poly Viscose. All our trousers can be made with a regular waistband, High waisted Argyll or Fishtail.

Light Weight – 11oz

We would recommend this weight when possible for trousers as it will hold a firm pleat in the trousers and will be more comfortable when wearing. All our wool trousers should be dry cleaned only when and if needed. Steaming them will keep them fresh and looking great.

Medium Weight – 13oz

The choice of tartans is much greater in Medium weight. They will make the trousers much warmer so may be worth considering this when you make your choice. All of our custom trousers are half lined the add aditional comfort and shape.

Poly Viscose

This is the cheapest option when getting trousers made. They will be machine washable also and are a great option for seasoned golfetrs looking for something unusual to wear on the course! Many will go for this cheaper option in addition to their kilt as something to wear for more casuel events.


For more information on outfits including tartan choice and weight contact us for a response within 1 business hour